Stone-free Rice

Sophisticated rice milling plants in our factory solves the problem of pebbles and other impurities from the rice. The machine consists majorly of two stages: dehulling and sieving.

Polished Rice

Longer shelf life, aesthetics of food and flavour. Ease of cooking, mild flavor, soft and delicate texture. A polished rice can be stored for longer time due to bugs not attacking them.

Customized Rice

Be happy with custom name on rice bags at a discounted rate for bulk quantity. We offer fat-free sweet rice here at Healthy Foods. Our utmost desire is to satisfy our customers.


We are a leading food and agri-business, supplying rice, feed and fibre to thousands of customers nationwide, ranging from multi-national organisations with famous brands to small family run businesses.

Customers depends on us to provide goods and services that are safe, on-time and consistently in line with the required specification. They also rely on us to help them innovate and create new opportunities.

As well as growing crops in our own estates, and sourcing from around 1 thousand farmers in the nation, we operate over 10 processing facilities, and through our 14 innovation centres, We develop workable recipes and find solutions for our customers. We also provide support services including risk management solutions and logistics and infrastructure. Through our Packaged Foods Business, we market our own brands directly to consumers in Nigeria.

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